• Job Board Judo

    Have you ever wanted to see what goes on on the other end of the web site you entrust with your resume? Want to know what the job board you utilize is doing to connect you with great companies? A recently-released web seminar (or “webinar”) can give you the sort of insight to take your job search to the next level, by understanding the job boards you work with.

    Jeff Dickey-Chasins is a former VP of Marketing at a major job board during their formative years. Having helped build that job board from the ground up, Jeff is now a consultant on other job boards, helping them to find their spot.

    He also hosts a series of webinars designed for job board managers, the star of which is named “Job Board Judo.” This was a really amazing webinar while the content is pre-recorded, there is a live Q&A session afterwards to take advantage of. The slides are viewable here.
    During the seminar, the number one thing he said you can do to help define and refine your job board is to do surveys as often as possible (at least once a year, once a quarter being best), surveying both candidates and clients to see what they do and don’t like, and what needs they have that you can fill (‘anticipate instead of react’ was his terminology, and Sun Tzu’s as well)

    He also suggested making videos for candidates to view: either instructional or inspirational ones. Even a simple “how to post your resume” or “how to search for resumes” video can make a big difference in your site’s engagement with its users. More resources for designing a great resume can be found on MedZilla.
    It’s a key point of the webinar stressing that you pick a goal (more conversions, higher conversion %) and try to reach it in 6 months. As soon as the 6 months hits, pick another goal, and drive towards that for 6 months. Small slices in short bursts are something you can easily target, drill down and control for variables, and it’s better than having a 10 year plan that’s so long term everything is too far away to envision.

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